Artist Statement

At its core – my installation practice is as concerned with traditional sculptural questions such as the coherence of materiality and the arrangement of objects in space, as it is with the viewers’ embodied experience as they engage with the art work. I am interested in creating environments that function metaphorically, in discovering new ways of addressing embodiment, and thinking about how the body can have meaningful interactions with technological environments or systems. I use materiality and the physicality of the installation as a metaphor, and create sensory rich environments that allow for meaning to emerge through experience and exploration.

Alongside my Installation practice I have also begun to work collaboratively on different projects including wearable robotics, gestural games, and my recent Internet of Things inspired distributed sculpture. Working collaboratively has pushed dome of my projects into a truly interdisciplinary territory. These new works draw on expertise from multiple disciplines in an effort to create aesthetic experiences that push the boundaries of interactivity and playfulness, and offer an experience to the viewer that is accessible both intellectually and technologically.

My current research project anyWare is an Internet of Things inspired distributed sculpture, which includes three identical physical objects placed in three different physical locations worldwide (Ottawa(ON), Montréal(QC), Toronto(ON)). The project combines game design and studio-based approaches in order to initiate playful interactions that encourage experimentation, exploration, and potential “conversations” with other distributed interactors. Through anyWare we are investigating what it means for sculptural objects to be meaningfully connected through the Internet, and what that can tell us about how people interact with and through objects. We are interested in crafting interactions that move beyond screens and take on a non-ocularcentric, embodied and emotion-focused approach to human-computer interaction. The anyWare research project is a multi-institution collaboration that includes game designer Cindy Poremba (OCADU), as well as software engineering professional Marius Kintel (Shapefactory and openSCAD).

Beyond my studio practice I have also begun to curate exhibitions. My curatorial interests lie in showing work that critically engages with technology and its intersection with human experience. I am equally interested in interdisciplinary collaboration as impetus for critical creation, as I am in the aesthetics of interaction between the art object and the participant/viewer. I seek out work that critically and sometimes playfully examines social, political, and personal experiences, in order to explore and unpack important questions about the role technology plays in the quality of our lives. I do not expressly situate technology as oppositional to the body and nature, nor do idealize it. I am more interested in unpacking the grey areas that complicate how we understand our phigital (physical and digital) experiences.