Project Description

Agents for Change| Facing the Anthropocene presents artworks by women media artists working at the intersection of science, technology and art, with a focus on ecological change.  Responding to the global recognition of the importance of the creative voices and activism of women artists, this unique exhibition demonstrates progress towards improving gender representation in the arts. 

The word Anthropocene describes the current geological period during which human activity has significantly influenced the climate and environment. The impacts of environmental change have begun to affect everyone — from rising sea levels, to intense heat waves, to the mass extinction of the earth’s flora and fauna. As the title of the exhibition suggests, change is inevitable, but only by facing the future and understanding the challenges in front of us can we begin to become agents for change. Selected artworks approach this complex topic by unpacking the lived realities of humans on this planet, but also of the animals and insects that we share it with. The works in the exhibition critically and poetically investigate our present, unpack the social and cultural impacts of environmental change, speculate about future realities, and suggest solutions for how we might approach life in the Anthropocene. 

Selected Canadian artists include Diane Landry (QC), Donna Legault (ON), Maayke Schurer (ON), Liz Miller (QC) and Elaine Whittaker (ON). The international artists are Kristine Diekman (USA), Olga Kisseleva (FR/RU) and Pinar Yoldas (TR/USA), as well as artist duos Caroline McCaw and Vicki Smith (NZ), and Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits (LV).

The exhibition will open at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener on January 23rd 2020 and will be open until Labour Day weekend, 2020.