Project Description

Re-Collect is a collaborative work by Jane Tingley and Michal Seta.

Re-Collect is an award winning interactive sculptural sound and light installation that is immersive in nature and is designed to evolve through interaction. The piece is built around a central spinal cord of fibre optic cabling and data wires, which feed sound and light to thirty suspended semi transparent sonic objects that were modeled after a synapse. The totality of the installation resembles a large luminescent tree like form that evokes both aquatic and terrestrial worlds, and the movement of light throughout the sculpture is suggestive of electricity moving through a neuron or synaptic pathways within the brain.

Re-Collect is comprised of thirty objects that are broken down into five groups of six – each group containing one channel of sound, several speakers, fibre optic cables, LEDS, a microphone, and a sensor. There are three main modes of responsiveness, which use human experience as inspiration.  When the viewer enters the space they awaken the installation from the dream state, which involves ambient light fluctuations and occasional sound events randomly generated by the physics engine that drives the spatialization software. Once awaken the installation enters the agitation state.  In this state Re-Collect is actively responding to the viewer, whose movements push the sounds throughout the room thereby generating unique sound experiences.  These sounds are “memories” or sound files from the past that have been processed by the system to various degrees. The lighting fluctuations during this period are connected to both the sound spatialization engine and movement of the viewer.  The final stage is the listening stage, which emerges from and folds into the agitation stage.  This is when the installation listens to its surroundings, gathers memories with which to form future sonic experiences.  These memory files contain ambient sounds, the sounds of itself, and also fragments of conversations from past visitors. As a result, the sound of the installation changes according to the sonic quality of each exhibition location.

The interactive experience in Re-Collect is subtle in nature and does not have a one-to-one relationship. It does not try to communicate in anyway with the viewer, but rather resembles a living system similar to a coral reef – it knows you there and tries to find equilibrium based on your presence. Its personality is revealed slowly over time, and is shaped by both its environment and visitors to the space. In its totality, Re-Collect forms a luminescent and sonic mass attentive to its environment, which uses sound as a metaphor for the electrical impulses moving through the brain and points to the moment that two entities meet – when memories form – entangle with the present – and shape experience.


Download the Tech Rider here

Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions:

  • Audio Art Festival, (invited) Curator: Marek Choloniewski. Muzika Centrum Art Society, Kraków, Poland. EU. 2016.
  • KIBLA/KIBLIX open code festival, (invited) Curators: Nina Jeza and Peter Tomaž Dobrila. Association for Culture and Education KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia. EU. (Catalogue produced). This exhibition received «Best Exhibition in 2016» by Delo Daily Newspaper. 2016.
  • 10 for 10th- Memory Lane exhibition at the Nuit Blanche, (selected) nominated by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) and selected by the City of Toronto and Curator: Che Kothari. The Great Hall in OCADU, Toronto, ON. CA. 2015.
  • Réinventer lespace, (invited) Curator: Geneviève Goyer-Ouimette (Director of CIRCA), CIRCA art actuel, Montréal, QC. CA. 2015.
  • International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) (selected). Cuadro Gallery, Dubai, UAE. 2014.
  • Currents International New Media Festival, (selected) Curator: Frank Ragano and Marriannah Amster. Produced by Parallel Studios. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
  • ReFest 2.0 - Culture Hub Art + Tech Festival (selected). LaMaMa Theatre, NYC, NY. USA. 2013.



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